Non Infantry server

  • Sorry for not typing in German, no clue how to write it or understand it im relying on google translator.

    I've been playing on the egg neck for the last couple of months, people arent toxic unlike american servers which is very rare for arma. The only thing your servers need to be able to be better than any other server is a normal Koth with tanks and jets and all that stuff. Thats my opinion, just throwing it out there.

    Google translated to German :

    Ich spiele seit ein paar Monaten auf Eiernacken, die Leute sind nicht giftig im Gegensatz zu amerikanischen Servern, was für Arma sehr selten ist. Das einzige, was Ihre Server brauchen, um besser zu sein als jeder andere Server, ist ein normaler Koth mit Panzern und Jets und all dem Zeug. Das ist meine Meinung, wirf es einfach da raus.

  • Hey SixNain,

    English is totally fine, no worries.

    To be fair: The chances we will provide a vehicle server again are very low. We are trying to hold a certain quality standard for our server projects and player support and we don't have staff to run a vehicle server with similar standards. Mainly because, most of our staff prefers the infantry missions to play and it's very important to us to have active admins and supporters for all our servers. We are kind off specialized at running KotH infantry missions. Under actual circumstances we would not be able to offer the same qualities for a vehicle server and we are not really interested in.

    Another important point, of course, is payment. Someone need to pay for servers, databases, licenses etc. Running a server is expensive. Running a server without being able to provide same quality standards as usual isn't just expensive, but bad advertising for our preferred server projects.

    Once we had a vehicle server for a while. It was sponsored by a player. We had the work, he had the bill. But of course it doesn't went very well. The sponsors imaginations and ideas for the server did not match up with our standards. So we dropped the project and we probably wont do a similar project again.

    I hope i was able to answer your questions.

    PS: Ich habe die Tage einen Karton Satzzeichen gefunden und irgendwo muss ich die ja unterbringen...
    Man sieht sich, man schießt sich! sniper