New server rules

  • Hello. It's my first post here and probably my last.

    Just some feedback. I have made 85% of my 65 present levels in your HC server and quite enjoyed it. 52 slots never made the server become too laggy.

    After new server rules enforced since June 25th, fun factor on some particular maps - on a scale from one to ten, has dropped to negative four hundred -> rounds have become unfun grinding. Try to get somehow into zone alive, die there at some point, repeat. While getting into zone involves bunch of failures before success - because players are now apparently allowed to camp the fuck out of safe zone.

    Last particular round example:

    Le Port map.

    BLUFOR camped our base (INDEPENDENT TEAM) access road on the ground with rpg's (squad of 2-3 people) , and with a Ghost Hawk patrolling in the air. I left at 76th point. They did it since round startted 'til I quit. 3 of my Hummingbirds were shot down immediately after we exited safe zone, I had bunch of road side ambushes AND Ghost Hawk ambushes while trying to use Quilin ground transport. One road side has bottlenecked by steep hill, other side is full of rocks and next to undrivable terrain - easy prey for a Ghost Hawk while trying to circle around ground ambush. While I watched the map, teammates kept being ambushed and killed .

    Yeah, okay, when you have chance to evade somehow but if you have nowhere to go, except just sitting in your base.. Is it gentlemanly? Why enforce any rules if such behaviour is okay in your eyes?

    Point of a game is to have fun on your free time and relax. This is not fun. Not with such rules. Bye.

  • Hallo RX

    Thank u for that feedback.

    U want the old rule back : safe zone expand to 400m . Sure we can put that back aktiv.

    And the handling of that rule and the other rules is not so easy . It was the easy way to put it out.

    And le port how do U want to stop the camper?

    With a new rule like" No main Road camping , but in the city it is allowed" ?

    And Ghost Hawk is an other thing , rule for it is hard to made as well and we want it in the game . There was a rule/setting befor v11 : "Ghost Hawk only at 50 points in one team", after v11 we only can set the settings on player on server , not at 50 points .

    And that sucks and we dont know why it is ,like it is now.

    So how can we(comunity/ENCK) fix it , that it is playebel for all?

    MfG Leading Supporter Wrexial

    Ps. Sry for my bad english skills😏

  • Sry to say tomciomalina it is easy fixed for u , yes we can bring back that kind of rule 400m from safe zone, but not from 400m AO ( 2000m Safezone :/:D).

    And we cant mark anything on the map and declarat it as Safe zone , sure we can but it is deletelbel .

    And we have not unlimmeted space in our rules for declarat that part of map.

    okay we will bring back the 400m fro safe zone , as all server , when it help u.

    Mfg Wrexial

  • Do I understand correctly that new rules were put into place in order to reduce the load on admins?

    Solutions as I see them.

    -Revert the rules back to 400m like before.

    -Enable Vorona launcher in HC server. It is the ONLY launcher capable of hitting slow-moving air or ground target beyond 100m - well, only one available to infantry server config AFAIK. It's disabled in your HC server. Reasoning: Vorona cannot hit fast-moving helicopters but at the same time, perspective of being hit by this thing would force armed helicopters to increase their air speed and distance - which would make it's fire much more inaccurate.

    -Forbid Ghost Hawk from going near any enemy safe zones, while people on foot can camp these zones if they are so inclined. It would still give your admins reduced workload compared to "old rules".

    -Disable Ghost Hawk altogether.

    Problem is, with safe zone camping allowed, armed helicopters have no motivation at all for going near actual Contested Zone. Not any more. Instead they have all the reasons to camp enemies Safe Zone's known exit points. Easy kills - usually multiple kills at once, thus lots of cash/xp and from zero to very little risk of losing their vehicle.

    Above Contested Zone they'd have to fly high and fast in order to avoid ground fire, look for mostly lonely targets and gunner has to fight with bullet drag caused by his own helicopter's speed. It's much the same in all vehicle servers - most vehicles are usually camping around enemy safe zones and nowhere near actual Contested Zone.

    Ambushed players can deal with pure roadside attacks by infantry. After 2-3-4 RPGs these campers are down to assault rifles only and can no longer kill car with a single blow. And they can't do shit to helicopters carrying players from Spawn Zone into Contested Zone. Ghost Hawk or armed Huron can block it all effectively. It can shoot itself dry, retire to it's repair point - get new load of ammo and return in few minutes time. Combine road side campers dirt side and armed helicopter above and you get a formula of utter frustration. You cannot concentrate on fighting either because both are firing at you together. From different directions. Not that there is much to even fight armed helicopters with.

    Vehicle mounted heavy machine guns do not work effectively against helicopters in hardcore. Cannot switch to 3p view and just drag cross hair ahead of helicopter while blasting away with tracer ammo. Some HMG's have horribly big sight picture where gun itself takes 85% of the screen (SUV's HMG), some have gun flashes that hide the target completely while firing (Prowler's). None of these even elevate high enough for proper anti-air job - when helicopter is right above you, you cannot shoot them.

    Only effective way for dealing with Ghost Hawk in present conditions would be having Ghost Hawk of our own but it assumes team has players capable of gunning and piloting it better than enemy. Which is most of the times unlikely. Many players even cannot fly at all.

  • What can we do right now on HC :

    - bring back the extend safe zone of 400m ( why ever it isnt from sa-matra sided )

    - Enable Vorona ( hmmm ) onley use against "slow target " (ervery target on the ground) , i would say vorona only against Aircraft , but mowhaks are still easy targets . the vorona is still too strong.

    - and maybe we can put a rule in for the ghost hawk : the ghost hawk and the huron are allowed to operate within a of XXXX m range away of the ao

    I have to talk this over with my colleagues

    MfG Wrexial

  • Sa-Matra is perhaps trying to keep scripts running in his mission file to minimum. One more looping query constantly checking for each player's location would perhaps drag the FPS down even further. It's already bad, like 30-40fps on 60+ player server. Even when using i7 cpu.

    Do an evaluation? About week with a Vorona enabled and see how people would react. Depending on people's general feedback either disable it again or leave it enabled. There are probably going to be some "snipers" trying to kill helicopters with it. It's 700$ each use (no longer could be permanently owned since v11), so it might not be used that much. Could go either way.

    Third is an option too.